Accès à des outils et à des ressources pratiques aidant les Canadiens à mieux connaître les terres humides pour en assurer une meilleure conservation.

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Wild Species in Canada Report




The Wild Species in Canada report provides an overview of the status of Canada?s species. It brings the results of Provincial, Territorial, and Federal monitoring efforts onto a single platform for the first time. Report 2000 is the first of these reports, with others to be released every five years. This is the commitment of all of Canada?s Minister?s responsible for wildlife in the Accord for the Protection of Species. At this web site you can download a copy of Report 200, browse the accounts of species groups and data summaries of their status in Canada, or build your own dataset for the species and regions you choose.

Renseignements supplémentaires:

Régions: Colombie Britanique, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Québec, Nouveau Brunswick, Nouvelle Écosse, Ile du Prince Edward, Labrador et Terre neuve, Yukon, Térritories du Nord-Ouest, Canada, Nunavut

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