Accès à des outils et à des ressources pratiques aidant les Canadiens à mieux connaître les terres humides pour en assurer une meilleure conservation.

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Tantramar Wetlands Centre, New Brunswick




Located on the edge of the huge wetland known as the Tantramar Marsh, the site consists of forty-five acres of productive wildlife habitat, connected by a network of trails and pathways to an on-site interpretive centre. Tantramar Wetlands Centre?s mission is to promote the value of wetlands, teach the importance of biodiversity and educate the public to understand the need for sustainability in the way we live. The restored marsh provides permanent, quality habitat for thousands of plant and animal species, and functions as a vital hands-on learning experience for all those who visit or take part in centre programming.

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Régions: Nouveau Brunswick, Canada

Soumis par: WetlandNetwork

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