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Wetland Mitigation in Canada: A Framework for Application




This paper is part of a multiphase initiative, the Wetland Mitigation Project, that is designed to advance the state of wetland mitigation in Canada. The document sets out a series of principles that should underlie the approach to mitigation, and a set of guidelines that give direction to the mitigation process. These principles and guidelines have been adopted by the NAWCC (Canada) for the mitigation process for North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP) projects in Canada, should there be a NAWMP project wetland threatened with disturbance and/or development.

The series of case studies, reflections and practical framework contained in the document offer additional guidance, through lessons that others have learned.

Future activities envisioned under the Wetland Mitigation Project include wide distribution of this document across Canada, urging federal, provincial, territorial, aboriginal and municipal governments to recognize its strengths and adopt it for their region and mandate. It is hoped that industry, be it construction, transportation or other, will look positively on the document and adopt it for use in their development projects.

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Régions: Colombie Britanique, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Québec, Nouveau Brunswick, Nouvelle Écosse, Ile du Prince Edward, Labrador et Terre neuve, Yukon, Térritories du Nord-Ouest, Canada, Nunavut

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