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Durham Region Coastal Wetlands: Monitoring a Changing Environment





Durham Region supports a richness of wetlands along the shore of Lake Ontario. These wetlands are invaluable because they provide functions such as water purification and services in the form of wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities to the region. Despite the vital importance of wetlands in this region, human-induced stressors including watershed urbanization and Lake Ontario water-level regulation are taking their toll. Initial assessments of the wetlands in 2002 and 2003 under the Durham Region Coastal Wetland Monitoring Project (DRCWMP) indicated that many of the wildlife communities and their habitats were in poor condition. Continued monitoring through 2009 suggests that the condition of Durham Region wetlands is generally in decline. If the decline of the Durham Region wetlands is left unchecked, their future is grim. However, regional wetlands that have undergone restoration have shown improvement, and this leads specialists to believe that conservation actions within the wetlands and watersheds will make a difference.

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Regions: Ontario

Submitted by: Lesley Davy

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