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The North American Mosaic: A State of the Environment Report




This report is the first-ever state-of-the-environment report to look at the continent as a whole. The report assembles and analyzes environmental information in Canada, Mexico and the United States. What it found is that North America's natural life-support systems, which are the foundation of our economy and well-being, are under pressure. Governments have been acting to protect this natural capital, but the pressures on nature threaten to undermine their achievements:

  • Half of the continent?s most biodiverse eco-regions are now severely degraded and the NAFTA region has at least 235 threatened species.
  • The spread of non-native species has become one of the greatest threats to natural biological diversity.
  • Most wetlands, which are crucial for the survival of threatened species such as migratory birds, have either been developed or converted to agriculture.

Additional Information:

Regions: Canada, Canada and United States, United States

Submitted by: WetlandNetwork

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