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Evaluation for Planned Wetlands



Bartoldus, Candy C., Edgar W. Garbisch and Mark L. Kraus. 1994. Evaluation for Planned Wetlands (EPW) - A Procedure for Assessing Wetland Functions and A Guide to Functional Design. Environmental Concern Inc. St. Michaels, MD. 327 pp. and appendices. The Evaluation for Planned Wetlands (EPW) is a rapid-assessment procedure to determine whether a planned wetland (e.g., wetland construction, restoration, or enhancement) will achieve defined wetland function goals. EPW provides:

  • techniques for assessing wetland functions
  • guidance in applying EPW in the planning process
  • a method for calculating the size of the planned wetland required to meet planning/mitigation goals

Additional Information:

Regions: Canada, United States

Submitted by: WetlandNetwork

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