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Environment Canada reviews duck stamp program



Environment Canada is currently considering the future of the Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp and the management of the related revenues for habitat conservation, particularly for migratory birds.

In August 2007, Environment Canada released a consultation document entitled Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp: Options for Generating and Managing Conservation Revenues. The document addresses two questions: 1) What is the most effective and efficient means of generating dedicated conservation revenues for habitat conservation? and 2) What is the most effective and efficient administrative arrangement for managing these revenues?

Throughout September, the department sought public input regarding the future of the Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp and the management of habitat conservation revenues generated through the Stamp program. Feedback was invited from interested individuals, hunting and conservation organizations, environmental and other organizations, and provincial and territorial governments. Comments were received until October 1, 2007.

Wildlife Habitat Canada reports that the overall response was overwhelmingly in favour of continuing the Habitat Conservation Stamp Program and the relationship with WHC. It was clear that the respondents did not want to see the Stamp money managed directly by EC, a position that was reinforced by the recent spate of stories about budget issues in the department.

Next steps are still not clear. Current arrangements regarding the Stamp and the management of related revenues by Wildlife Habitat Canada will remain in place for 2007.

Access the consultation document through the Environment Canada website.

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Photo Credit: Wildlife Habitat Canada: Conservation Stamp, 1996

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