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Building Biodiversity Business




This report is the fruit of collaboration between IUCN and Shell International Limited, which aim to identify potential market-based mechanisms and new business opportunities to conserve biodiversity. It represents the results of consultation with more than 60 organisations, including commercial banks and insurance companies, private foundations, multilateral and bilateral aid agencies, NGOs, think-tanks, academics and investment fund managers.

Based on in-depth interviews and a detailed literature review, this report provides a snapshot of the biodiversity business landscape. It reviews a range of biodiversity business sectors, assesses what has worked (or not) and why, describes the main constraints and identifies opportunities to expand market-based biodiversity conservation within each sector. The report also reviews the policy frameworks, technical resources and financing mechanisms needed to enable biodiversity businesses to grow, in each case highlighting lessons learned from experience and future opportunities.

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Regions: Canada, Canada and United States, World, United States


Submitted by: WetlandNetwork

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