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Compensating for Wetland Losses under the Clean Water Act




Recognizing the importance of wetland protection, in 1988 the Bush administration endorsed the goal of no net loss of wetlands. This book explores the adequacy of science and technology for replacing wetland function and the effectiveness of the federal program of compensatory mitigation in accomplishing the nation's goal of clean water. It examines the regulatory framework for permitting wetland filling and requiring mitigation, compares the mitigation institutions that are in use, and addresses the problems that agencies face in ensuring sustainability of mitigated wetlands over the long term. The book offers 10 practical guidelines for establishing and monitoring mitigated wetlands. It also recommends that federal, state, and local agencies undertake specific institutional reforms.

Additional Information:

Regions: Canada, United States

ISBN: 0-309-07432-0


Submitted by: WetlandNetwork

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