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Monitoring and Assessing Marsh Habitats in Great Lakes Areas of Concern: Final Project Report




The Marsh Monitoring Program is a unique binational marsh bird and amphibian population monitoring initiative of Bird Studies Canada (BSC) that has successfully engage volunteer naturalists since 1995 to measure the status and trends of wetland-dependent birds and amphibians, and has provided valuable information about the health and ecological integrity of Great Lakes coastal lacustrine and inland palustrine wetlands. One of the program's primary objectives has been to contribute to the assessment and long term monitoring of Great Lakes Areas of Concern (AOCs) with respect to marsh bird and anuran occurrence, relative abundance, and community structure and integrity. This report documents the activities and results of a two-year AOC wetland monitoring project, aimed to develop and initiate a wetland monitoring strategy in AOCs where such work is most needed.

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Regions: Ontario


Submitted by: WetlandNetwork

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