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The Dow Wetlands in Sarnia, Ontario, were constructed in an area where soil was removed to cover a nonactive landfill operation. A wetlands contractor and project team worked with local environmental groups and government departments in the design. The design includes native vegetation that would populate quickly to provide a habitat for native wildlife. The constructed wetland:

  • provides habitat for ducks and other wildlife
  • filters and treats the rainwater runoff from surrounding farmland
  • will eventually treat runoff from a non-hazardous a nearby landfill site

The Dow Wetlands provide a habitat for waterfowl and other wildlife native to the area. They are also a productive ecosystem that naturally improves the quality of water. This web site reviews the site, origins of the project, wildlife, and sustaining the wetlands.

Additional Information:

Regions: Ontario, Canada

Submitted by: WetlandNetwork

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