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General Motors Canada McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve




In 1990, General Motors of Canada Limited celebrated the construction of their new "green" Canadian Corporate Headquarters as well as the creation of the McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve. The Reserve is situated on the north shore of Lake Ontario in south-east Oshawa, Ontario, between the Second Marsh Wildlife Area (a Provincially Significant Wetland) on the west and Darlington Provincial Park (a heavily forested zone) on the east. The Reserve occupies in excess of 41 ha (108 acres) of land owned and operated by General Motors of Canada Limited.

Home to almost 400 different varieties of plants, trees, shrubs and wildflowers, as well as a great number of native birds, mammals and fish, the McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve features a number of walking trails, viewing platforms for photographers and birdwatchers as well as the Dogwood Trail, for use by partially-sighted or visually-impaired visitors. It is open to the public seven days a week, year-round, free of charge, and is wheel-chair accessible.

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Regions: Ontario, Canada

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