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Salmonier Nature Park




There are several exhibits in the main area of the Visitor Centre of this Newfoundland nature park:

  • Beaver Habitat Exhibit - View a model of a beaver lodge and dam and other components of a wetland habitat.
  • Pine Marten Captive Breeding Program Exhibit - View the Nfld. marten from a remote video monitoring system. Salmonier Nature Park is the site for breeding of the endangered Newfoundland Marten but because of the effects of human disturbance on the breeding on these endangered animals, visitors are not allowed near the marten enclosure. However, visitors may view the marten from a monitor in the Interpretation Centre.
  • Endangered Species Exhibit - includes mounts of the threatened Peregrine Falcon, the endangered Piping Plover and the endangered Harlequin Duck.

The entire trail is boardwalk and wheelchair accessible.

Additional Information:

Regions: Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Submitted by: WetlandNetwork

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