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Where Land Meets Water: Understanding Wetlands of the Great Lakes



Environment Canada. 2002. Where Land Meets Water: Understanding Wetlands of the Great Lakes. Environment Canada, Toronto, ON. 72 p. Every day, scientists and conservationists make efforts to protect wetlands and reveal new insights into the characteristics and processes that allow them to improve water quality, retain flood waters and provide wildlife habitat. This new book presents up-to-date coastal wetland science in an accessible manner, with graphics, maps and illustrations designed to enhance understanding of these important ecosystems. Laden with remarkable photography, the full-colour book delves into the many facets of freshwater coastal wetlands that make them unique and important.

This book emerged from the research and ideas presented at the Great Lakes coastal wetlands symposium at the Quebec 2000: Millennium Wetland Event. All topics are explored from a binational perspective, including:

  • wetland evolution and classification
  • ecological functions and values of wetlands
  • coastal wetland ecology
  • wetland stressors
  • wetland rehabilitation, including case studies, and
  • wetland conservation activities.

Additional Information:

Regions: Ontario, Canada


Submitted by: WetlandNetwork

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