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Environmental Water Requirements to Maintain Wetlands of National and International Importance




This report describes a framework for determining environmental water allocations for wetlands of international and national significance. It incorporates the determination of management objectives based on both hydrological and ecological characteristics of the wetland and the uses, values and threats associated with it. Relationships between the biota and water regime are used to determine the water allocation required to achieve the management objectives. These are refined by using conceptual modelling to examine various scenarios and by considering trade-offs between different values and uses.

The framework was trialed on four wetlands representing different wetland types. These were:

  • Thomsons Lake, WA (groundwater dominated). The framework was trialed in most detail at this wetland because of the extensive data available.
  • Bool and Hacks Lagoons, SA (floodplain wetland affected by an irrigation scheme).
  • Lower Gwydir Wetlands, NSW (a terminal riverine wetland).
  • Boggomoss Springs, Qld (artesian springs).

Additional Information:

Regions: Canada, World

Submitted by: WetlandNetwork

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