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Temporal Relations Between Marsh Bird and Amphibian Annual Population Indices and Great Lakes Water Levels: A Case Study from the Marsh Monitoring Program




This report provides an update on marsh bird and amphibian population trends from 1995 -- 2000 derived from six years of Marsh Monitoring Program (MMP) implementation across the Great Lakes basin. It provides an overview not only of general trends and annual variation in marsh bird and amphibian annual population indices, but also provides insight into how annual water level changes of the Great Lakes have been related to annual changes in several species of marsh birds and amphibians commonly encountered at Great Lakes coastal marshes and at more isolated interior marshes. This report demonstrates the value of MMP data collected to date and how citizen scientists throughout the Great Lakes region are playing an important role to address many previously unanswered questions pertaining to marsh bird and amphibian population conservation.

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Regions: Ontario


Submitted by: WetlandNetwork

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