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Environmental Water Requirements of Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems




This report deals with the three main stages in the process of allocating groundwater to meet the needs of dependent ecosystems. The report also proposes a policy framework for this process that could be adopted at national and state levels.

The objectives of the project are:

  • identify those important groundwater dependent ecosystems in Australia that are at high risk of degradation from current or future changes in catchment hydrology;
  • determine the processes involved in alteration of these systems, especially the impact of water extraction;
  • develop a method for determination of environmental water requirements that will protect these systems against decline in their ecological character;
  • identify information gaps in determining environmental water requirements of groundwater dependent ecosystems;
  • identify the practical limitations and opportunities available for implementation of environmental water requirements to these systems;
  • identify primary economic drivers for implementing water management regimes to protect groundwater dependent ecosystems;
  • describe a framework for assessing the economic feasibility of implementing management regimes.

Additional Information:

Regions: Canada, World

Submitted by: WetlandNetwork

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