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Ontario Agriculture Best Management Practice Series




The Best Management Practices Series is... An award-winning series of innovative publications: presenting affordable options for protecting soil and water resources on the farm; supporting individual farm planning and decision-making in the short and long term; harmonizing productivity, business objectives and the environment; available in both English and French; each book presents a range of circumstances and options to address a particular environmental concern - use the information to assess what's appropriate for your property. Cover to cover, every BMP book will help you: understand an environmental issue in context of your operation or property see options for addressing an issue that work with your circumstances plan and put into action farm-proven, environmentally responsible management practices increase efficiencies - in resource use and production improve property now and for future generations demonstrate stewardship to neighbours created long-term plans and sharpen day-to-day decision-making enrich natural areas.

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Regions: Ontario, Canada


Submitted by: WetlandNetwork

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