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Ducks Unlimited Canada




Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) - Canada's Conservation Company - is a non-profit organization dedicated to conserving wetlands and associated North American waterfowl habitat. DUC has secured over 18 million acres of endangered habitats in the last six decades. DUC:

  • works in partnerships with landowners and other organizations
  • publishes the Conservator, a magazine about wetland and habitat conservation
  • offers a Greenwing program of hands-on activities for members aged 7 to 17
Their web site:
  • discusses different habitat programs and wildlife research activities
  • describes how to track different wildlife populations, build bird and bat nest boxes and contribute to ongoing wetland conservation activities in your area
  • contains pictures and descriptions of wetlands and wildlife
  • lists films and videos you can borrow
  • provides addresses and virtual tours of DUC Interpretative and Conservation Centres
  • provides extensive information on purple loosestrife
WetKit gratefully acknowledges the sponsorship of Ducks Unlimited Canada.

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