Access to practical tools & resources to help Canadians better understand and conserve wetlands.

About WetlandNetwork

WetlandNetwork is Canada's online destination that connects users to enable them to find, access, and share wetland information. WetlandNetwork contains more than 700 wetland information resources from many different organizations, providing users with a single portal to find wetland related resources.

WetlandNetwork is a project of the North American Wetlands Conservation Council (NAWCC) Canada, a government- non governmental partnership whose mission is to provide national leadership on wetlands, waterfowl and wetland dependent species conservation for Canadians through the North American Waterfowl Management Plan and other initiatives.

WetlandNetwork contains resources to help individuals and organizations make informed decisions about the management of wetlands. The site provides answers to the most common questions about wetlands, such as Why are wetlands important? How can my activities affect wetlands? How can wetland conservation benefit my business? Where can I get help? WetlandNetwork's search engines also help users access these resources resources by environmental issue, geographic region, sector or activity, or resource format.

Targetted users for WetlandNetwork include land use planners, environmental assessment practitioners, government departments responsible for wetland policy and legislation, farmers, foresters, woodlot owners, conservation organizations, wetland managers, and many others.

WetlandNetwork is a site that many can help build. Organizations and individuals with information resources on wetlands, their conservation and use are encouraged to contribute to WetlandNetwork. If you are interested in contributing to WetlandNetwork, please go to the website sign up page.