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45,000 acres - Big Grass Marsh Conserved in Manitoba


Big Grass Marsh, a Manitoba wetland about five times the size of Birds Hill Park in Winnipeg has been protected by the municipalities of Lakeview and Westbourne for conservation. This is the largest such land donation in the provinces history, Conservation and Water Stewardship Minister Gord Mackintosh announced. This is the largest conservation agreement of its kind in Canada. The two municipalities have signed conservation agreements with the Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation that …

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Re-establishing wetlands may decrease flood damage


John Pomeroy and associates  from the University of Saskatchewan Centre for Hydrology have recently published data from a multi year measurement and computer modelling study  which shows that re-establishment of wetlands may decrease flood …

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Massive plan to save Lake Winnipeg and protect wetlands


The Manitoba government is bringing in the toughest wetland protection in Canad with a $320-million five-year plan designed to save Lake Winnepeg by reducing the blue-green algae poisoning the water. The Surface Water Management Strategy, announced on June 11th, aims to do this by dealing with drainage issues, wetlands management and improved flood protection.

A group that lobbies for conserving wetlands is thrilled as the plan has identified the importance of wetlands around …

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Saint Andrew’s Regional High School recognized as Canadian Wetland Centre of Excellence


Saint Andrew's Regional High School recognized as Canadian Wetland Centre of Excellence

On May 13, 2014, Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) and its corporate partner, Talisman Energy Inc. (Talisman) were excited to recognize Saint Andrew's Regional High School in Victoria, British Columbia as a Canadian Wetland Centre of Excellence. Wetland Centres of Excellence (WCE) are schools that commit to the long-term care of local wetlands where students plan and undertake a variety …

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The Province of Manitoba is positioned to become a leader in prairie wetland protection with the adoption of proposed Sustainable Drainage Regulations.


$320-million Investment to Better Manage Floods, Droughts, Protect Lake Winnipeg; Regulations to Preserve Wetland Benefits; Cut Red Tape for Routine Drainage Projects: Manitoba is proposing its first comprehensive Surface Water Management Strategy and multi-year surface water management investments to protect Lake Winnipeg and mitigate flood and drought damage,

Conservation and Water Stewardship Minister Gord Mackintosh and Infrastructure …

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Prime Minister unveils $252 million National Conservation Plan


Prime Minister Stephen Harper has unveiled a $252 million National Conservation Plan that includes programs to restore degraded wetlands as well as a new national wetland conservation fund valued at $50 million over five years to support wetland restoration projects across Canada.  The fund will also complement the critical habitat securement programs under a renewed federal Natural Areas Conservation …

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British Columbia Water Sustainability Act introduced to Legislature for First Reading


On March 11, 2014, the Water Sustainability Act was introduced as Bill 18 into the B.C. Legistature for First Reading.  If passed, the new Water Sustainability Act (WSA) will replace the existing Water Act, which was first passed by the Legislature in 1909. Although the current Act was amended many times over the years, the WSA represents a major step forward for sustainable management of this most precious resource.  Most …

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World Water Day


World Water Day 2014: Water and Energy

Water and energy are closely interlinked and interdependent.  Energy generation and transmission requires utilization of water resources, particularly for hydroelectric, nuclear, and thermal energy sources.  Conversely, about 8% of the global energy generation is used for pumping, treating and transporting water to various consumers.

In 2014, the United Nations System - working closely with its …

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World Wetlands Day 2014: Wetlands and Agriculture


Each year on February 2nd countries around the world celebrate World Wetlands Day, marking the anniversary of the 1971 signing of the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance (Ramsar Convention) <>.  Canada, which has about 25% of the world’s wetlands, joined the Convention in 1981 and is home to 37 Wetlands of International Significance (Ramsar sites). 

World Wetlands Day 2014 …

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2014 Great Lakes Wetlands Day


As a follow up to the 2012 Ontario Wetlands Conference: The history and future of our wetlands, this one day event will examine the wetlands in the Great Lakes basin. The keynote speaker this year is John Riley, chief science advisor for Nature Conservancy of Canada and author of The Once and Future Great Lakes Country: An Ecological History. This event features three concurrent sessions with wetlands topics ranging from research and monitoring to policy to environmental conservation and …

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North American Waterfowl Managment Plan 2012


The North American Waterfowl Management Plan: 2011/2012 Revision

In 1986 Canada, Mexico and the United States adopted The North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP or Plan), launching a new era in wildlife conservation. The Plan has remained a leading model for other international conservation plans. In large measure, this is because it is a living and evolving document and is updated periodically with engagement of the broad waterfowl conservation …

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